The UCPA group

The UCPA group is the market leader for leisure sports in France.

Its mission is to strengthen social relations through sport.

UCPA fulfils its mission as a sports educator in three main fields of activity:

  • active sports tourism in France,
  • sporting tour-operator worldwide,
  • design and delegated management of local sports facilities.

The Group’s activities benefit 3.2 million customers annually. A total of 80 different sporting activities are practised in UCPA centers, mostly outdoors (skiing, surfing, mountaineering, diving, sailing, horse riding, white water rafting,…) but also indoors (swimming, ice skating, fitness,…).
The UCPA group’s annual turnover amounts to 200 million euros. Over the past five years, the turnover has increased by 15%. A 25% growth is forecast for the next five-year period. UCPA is widely acknowledged for its reliable management, its skills in development (marketing, innovation) and its mastery of technical engineering.

UCPA is a unique organization which mixes an economic performance and a social mission.

UCPA is a non-profit social company operating on the market, which entirely reinvest its profits in the development of its activity. UCPA’s corporate governance, elected by a board of 40 legal entities (youth associations, sport federations and public authorities), is democratic and unpaid. Its executive management is in the hands of salaried professionals. The UCPA group includes 29 legal entities and employs 7,000 people.

The UCPA offer is characterized by a strong educational expertise in the field of sport (attractiveness, availability, and safety of the activities). Aimed primarily at young people, it focuses on people’s fulfilment and wellbeing. UCPA is also the first sports careers training organisation in France.

UCPA guarantees an equal access to its activities for all. It fosters exchanges and relationships between very diverse people (beginners, experts, competitors, amateurs, disabled people…).UCPA is widely acknowledged for its affordable prices at rates below market prices and its conditions adapted to the most disadvantaged people.

UCPA is a recognised brand that makes the difference

UCPA instils the atmosphere of a friendly and dynamic sports club, open and accessible to all, while fostering social cohesion and good health. It fosters autonomy, sense of responsibility, and environmental awareness. 9 out of 10 customers agree that practising sports with UCPA is a factor of social cohesion and wellbeing.

Founded in 1965, UCPA is recognised for its sense of values, and the quality of its values. UCPA is renowned for its spirit of innovation and the strength of its “experience offer”. UCPA is a creative model of the French know-how, widely open on the digital and multicultural world.

UCPA is a sports federation, associate member of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee.

Contact information

17 rue Rémy Dumoncel
75698 Paris cedex 14
Tél: 06 98 32 59 18


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UCPA Asia Managing Director
Cyril Obojtek

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